Geothermal Energy

Utilization of geothermal energy from the inner layers of the earth is the environmental ideal and the new practice in the world.

Aware of the possibilities of application and use of this source of energy, using geo-probes here, we have built and we use such system in the facilities of “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka”.

The basic business idea in that year of 2006 was to introduce the use of geothermal energy in this way in the territory of Serbia, and thus provide new and long-term jobs for the mechanical engineering unit in this company.

We decided to start preparing a feasibility study for the applications of geothermal energy for heating and air conditioning of offices in our company. The study was entrusted to the designing bureau “Terming” from Novi Sad. In April 2006, we requested financial support from the Executive Council of Vojvodina. Although this support came only on paper, the expert team continued to work, believing in what should be the end result.

In autumn 2006, the construction of two test wells commenced, depths of 100 and 125 meters, construction of logging of these wells, laying of the first geo-probes and finally, testing of the thermal efficiency of embedded geo-probes.

This study was conducted by a reputable company from Hungary, and the results were fascinating for them as well, because they were better for up to 50% of what they expected and what is standard in the world.

Therefore, it was decided to construct the first project of this kind in the Balkans. So, in the spring of 2007, development of the pilot project for heating and air conditioning of offices in “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka” began.

Works on laying the geo-probes were launched in May, and works on the power plant and in the office building, in August. After two months, on October 19, 2007, finally the first phase of this project was completed and, to the delight of all of us, has been successfully put into trial operation as the first such facility in the Balkans, which is a pioneering effort and the work of our people.

Since then, “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka” was the most common choice for the construction of the geothermal systems, because it is up-to-date with developments in this field in the world, constantly adopting new technologies and new knowledge.

Our experienced team, with appropriate logistics, performs complete works from the initial design, sizing and drilling through construction and installation of equipment and pipe networks, to commissioning, in the shortest possible period.

So, we have done a number of projects, including the complete geothermal system for heating and cooling of pools and facilities in the aqua-park in Bački Petrovac.