Cogeneration Plants

The expert teams of "Energotehnika - Južna Bačka" are engaged in projects for installation of cogeneration systems.

Since cogeneration rapidly progresses, climbing up on the list of ways to increase energy efficiency and green energy production, the interest of companies for these systems is increasing. One such project, “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka” implemented in Bor, where the waste steam is used to produce electricity in the Mining and Smelting Combine “Bor”

Numerous examples in Europe and around the world prove that cogeneration, besides in industry, is used more and more to supply heat and electricity for inhabitants of entire towns. Raw material used for this may be a natural gas or a gas obtained from biomass, manure or from the pyrolysis of wood. In a word, thermal and electrical energy is obtained from waste or waste heat which is normally unnecessary lost.

Do we even need to mention, then, the savings thus achieved, which are estimated at 20 – 40%? From these few sentences, it is already clear that the decision to let the factory use cogeneration plants is a strategic decision. Another issue is the fact that the excess electricity produced can, by law, be sold to “Elektroprivreda Srbija”, the power distribution company. Numerous clients of “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka” and completed turnkey projects in this area, are our reference for all companies that opt ​​for such changes.